Timing Fee

Timing is an utmost important factor in most debt collection cases in order to determine the success rate of debt recovery. The quicker the debt collection efforts are carried out until finish, the higher the amount of debt is potentially recovered.

There will be less and less options to be done in collecting debts if the companies are too late to get started on the process. We have witnessed so many companies who fail to recover their debts in the end just because they keep delaying and postponing the process with various reasons, which is precisely why the company should stop waiting.

Time will also determine the successful fee that we could offer to the company. The younger the age of the debts, the smaller will be the successful fee that the company needs to incur. As a matter of fact, our successful fee starts from as little as 2.5% (TWO POINT FIVE PERCENT) of the debt amount paid by the customer to the company.

Once again, the company does not need to bear any service fees if our efforts fail to recover the debts.