There are 3 major steps that Debt Recovery Indonesia take in order to recover a company’s receivable effectively:


During this initial step, we gather as much necessary information, data, and key documents as possible from the company in relation to the debts and the profile of the customer in question. This is followed by an intensive online and offline research. More often than not, we also conduct extensive exploration towards authorized government bodies and organize site-visits to obtain fresh new information that is often more accurate and up-to-date.

In certain cases, we even collaborate with Private Investigators to dig deeper and secure the presence of the customers and their related assets to the case.


The immediate next step is to proceed with debt collection as soon as possible, which is done in a professional, practical, and effective way, WITHOUT disobeying the prevailing laws, so as not to raise more potential problems to the company.

The debt collection process starts with receiving an order letter or power of attorney (POA) document from the company, which is followed by mailing out warning letters, meeting with the customers in person, communication through phone calls, text messages, e-mails, site-collections, effective negotiation, securing the debts, arranging for payment terms, monitoring the payment and solving any debt-related issues in between.


This third step is a last resort that will be carried out if the debt collection effort did not yield the desired outcome. Our trusted law firm affiliate will execute the best legal actions possible to the customer so that any underlying debt issues can be solved as soon as possible with certainty.

The final legal measures that can be taken include civil action, bankruptcy requests, postponement of debt payment, and criminal reports.

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