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Built upon the dedication to help companies recover debts effectively wisex toy store custom football jerseys cheap jerseys for sale sex toys for couples sales on adidas shoes sex toy store cheapest jordan 4 couple sex toys nflshop nike air jordan women jordan shoes online nike air max 270 women’s sale authentic jersey wig store mens nike air max 97thout jeopardizing their relationships with customers, Debt Recovery Indonesia is here to assist the company in the most professional, practical, and safe way in debt collection.

The Best Choice of Debt Collection Services

Debt Recovery Indonesia has assisted numerous companies with debt collection services, conducting their operations seriously and professionally.

As an industry expert, we truly understand that cash flow is the one and foremost vital element in the survival of a business or the company itself. As a general rule, bad debts and accounts receivables play the most destructive factors in affecting the company’s cash flow, which is precisely why it is very important to understand the underlying problems and overcome challenges in making sure the customers settle their debts on time, so as not to affect the company’s welfare.

The most pressing issue is the fact that recovering debts is not that simple or easy to do, especially in Indonesia. Aside from the varying characteristics and behavior of each customer, the chosen method used for debt recovery can often prove ineffective or take a very long time to yield the desired result – or any result at all. In the process, a lot of companies inevitably fork up more money than they realize just to try to collect something that they may or may not be able to retrieve in the end.

These are 5 main reasons why companies are not doing their debt recovery correctly:

  1. They do not know the right strategy or the most effective technique in recovering debts
  2. They do not possess qualified human resources with proper training and precise skills to do the collection
  3. The chosen method often costs more money than the company is willing to spend – with no guaranteed result
  4. The effort in debt collection often takes a long time, which could affect the overall workflow and productivity of a company
  5. They are afraid of losing their customer base or risking good reputation due to harsh collection methods

Bad debts do not only result in profit loss, but also in monetary assets of the company and potentially the survivability of the whole business itself.

Unfortunately, there is very little (or close to none) help or services available out there to help deal with these matters. As a result, every year many companies are forced to write off these uncollectible debts, letting go of their hard-earned income quite literally. If this continues, it is almost certain that those companies will not be able to survive.

PPI truly understands the root of the problems above and what the companies need to survive it, which is why we offer an expert service in debt recovery in a most professional, practical, and safe way.

debt collection services

In principle, our debt recovery service consists of 3 major steps:


We have permanently affiliated ourselves with the best law firms that have handled tens of thousands of cases with satisfying outcomes over the years, and received international awards in the field of debt collection & recovery, namely:

  • Best debt restructuring and collection attorneys (APAC Legal 2018)
  • Best debt restructuring and collection attorneys (Acquisition International 2018)
  • Best debt recovery law office (Wealth and Finance 2017)
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