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Why Choose Us?


We will not charge any service or success fees to the company if we fail in recovering the company’s debts. We firmly believe that our sole purpose here is to help companies restore their cash flow and welfare, NOT to add more unnecessary burdens.


All of our efforts in debt recovery are done in a professional way, respecting the prevailing laws. We strictly do not partake in any measure or tolerate any action that may potentially break the laws in place.

Every step taken in our debt collection method is directly by or under the supervision of our professional law firm affiliate which has vast proven experience in handling tens of thousands of debt collection cases.


With a debt collection method that is professional and free of service fee if not successful, the company bears no risk of losing anything, but will be able to recover the company’s cash flow if our efforts are successful. This further motivates us to put in our maximum efforts to succeed.


We implement only the right methods, strategies, and techniques that are practical and effective in order to persuade customers in paying their debts to the company in the shortest amount of time possible. All these are possible only through tens of years of experience and handling tens of thousands of cases through our official law firm affiliate.


Do not worry about tarnishing the company’s good reputation or losing precious customer base, because our debt collection efforts are done in an elegant and respectable way. We truly understand the value of each of the company’s customers and the importance of maintaining prolonged business relationships with them.


We provide detailed and routine reporting to the company so that the company is always up-to-date on each and every step in the debt collection process accurately. Aside from that, we also ensure that all debt payments from the customers are done directly to the company, and not through us, as a form of transparency in our debt collection efforts.